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Haddock Fillets

Low in fat - Landed in Cornwall - Fresh and ready to cook

Haddock's bright white, delicate lean flakes are mild, yet slightly sweet in flavour.

A close relative to cod, Haddock is firm and white, high in protein and low in fat.

Rick 'It's just as good as cod and, while it lacks the whiteness and beautiful fakes of that fish, it has a slightly sweeter flavour.'

How to Cook

A fish from the cod family with a dark and light grey skin. Produces large, moist white flakes of fish with no small bones. Slightly more flavour than cod but flesh not quite as white or as firm. It can be used the same way as cod so can be grilled, pan fried or braised. An excellent fish for smoking. Can also be home-salted like cod. 

how to : haddock

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