Wolf & Dingo Knives

When filming on Bodmin Moor for his upcoming TV series, Rick met the magnificent craftsman Charles Atkinson who has worked on many restoration projects in iron, steel and bronze for several Oxford colleges and UK cathedrals. Atkinson has based himself and his traditional workshop in an ancient farmstead on a remote spot situated in the shadow of the sacred Tor Brown Willy. Atkinson says his work is inspired by the windswept and rugged terrain. "To me the moor is a sea of land, a 360-degree horizon, untamed ancient lands, home to our Bronze Age forefathers and many since", he says. Atkinson combines traditional blacksmithing and metalworking techniques with modern design to produce knives which, according to Rick, are a dream to use. "They are works of art", says Rick. 

The Wolf & Dingo Kollell knife range is:

  • Designed for kitchen prep and also as a table knife for chops or pizza - tested by many Cornish chefs as well as Rick.
  • Forged by hand from a single piece of recycled high carbon steel, including the handle.
  • Wrought from the leafsprings of old truck.
  • Forged in a triangular cross section, giving inherent strength, down to an edge thickness of approx. 0.015" (0.4mm) before being ground and finished.
  • Sharp as a razor, since they have a diamond and water stone ground edge.
  • Quick as a dream, as they are balanced.
  • Pinch grip design.
  • Polished bee's wax finish for protection.
  • Ambidextrous, there is no bias.
  • Wolf & Dingo brand stamped handle.
  • Designed and forged by Charles Atkinson, award winning designer, artist and blacksmith.
  • Each knife comes with a plastic blade protector sheath. It is then wrapped in a towel and packed in a cardboard tube.

The blade length is measured from tip to heel.

Kollell 69 - Not Dead Yet - Dimensions (approx.):

  • Blade length 65-69mm
  • O/A length 175-190mm
  • Width 17-20mm
  • Depth 40mm
  • Weight 65-85g

Kollell 129 - Not Dead Yet - Dimensions (approx.):

  • Blade length 125-129mm
  • O/A length 260-280mm
  • Width 25mm
  • Depth 40mm
  • Weight 205g

Kollell 199 - Not Dead Yet - Dimensions (approx.):

  • Blade length 195-199mm
  • O/A length 335-350mm
  • Width 23mm
  • Depth 40-45mm
  • Weight 225-235g


These knives are handmade artisan products, so naturally there will be some variations between each piece.

Kollell - Not Dead Yet - recycled carbon steel knife care:

Pinch grip design, wash and dry thoroughly after use, store in a dry place, if possible re-sharpen with a fine whetstone for best performance. 


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