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Boneless - Prepared - Ready to cook - Rich in Omega 3 fatty acids

With its firm texture and exceptional flavour, Salmon from Loch Duart is a top-quality fish that make a wonderful, nutritious meal whether poached, grilled or roasted.

We source our salmon from Loch Duart who have been gently nurturing Scottish salmon in the crystal clear waters of North Western Scotland for over 20 years.

Rick 'I'm particularly fond of seasoning a steak or two of salmon and cooking them gently in butter in a frying pan. I add half a glass of white wine halfway through cooking and let the liquid reduce, then finish the dish off with some chopped parsley.'

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How to Cook

Salmon has lots of flavour and suits cooking in almost any way, though not in batter; it's too oily a fish for that.

Rick prefers to panfry his salmon steaks but another popular way to cook salmon is to poach in salted water and serve with homemade mayonnaise, new potatoes and a cucumber & mint salad.

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