Dorset Oysters

Live and fresh - Farmed in the clean waters off Dorset - Classic shellfish treat

Farmed in the rich waters of Poole Harbour, just a stone's throw from our Sandbanks restaurant, these oysters are fresh and delicious.

Oysters taste of the fresh, clean, salty sea with a hint of green grass, cucumber and melon.

Rick 'To me, the perfect-sized oyster is what in Britain call a number 3 - not too big and not too small, weighing about 90g'

Unlike fish, there is little difference in the taste of Oysters from around the world.

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How to Cook

Oysters in my opinion are best enjoyed raw but if you do cook them make sure that you do not overcook them, just warm them through. This could be in a light tempura batter, grilled with a flavoured butter or gently poached.


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