How to skin a fish fillet

Follow Head Chef Lecturer at our Cookery School, Nick Evans' top tips for how to skin fish fillets. The simple technique works for both fillets of flat fish like turbot, lemon sole or brill and round fish including sea bass, cod or red mullet.

If you're serving your fish fillets battered, in breadcrumbs or baked in the oven, you might want to remove the skin to avoid having soggy skin. If you're pan frying or grilling fish, we'd recommend leaving it on for both added texture and health benefits.

Follow our expert guidance

How to skin fillets of fish

You’ll need

- Fillets of your favourite flat or round fish

- Sharp, flexible knife

- Chopping board

Follow this method to remove the skin

1) Place the fillet skin side down on a chopping board with the tail facing towards you.

2) Hold the tail end of the fish and using a flexible filleting knife make a small, angled cut through the flesh but not through the skin itself.

3) Wiggle your knife side to side to get the cut started and be sure to hold the skin nice and tight as you work the knife away from you. Use exaggerated movements to avoid damaging the flesh of the fish.  

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