How to prepare mussels

Mussels are a mainstay across our menus, especially at the café in Padstow, and always have been. Guests love the hands-on experience of ceremonially removing each mussel with pincer precision and the wonderful variety of sauces that work so well with them. They're also some of the best value, most sustainable shellfish you can enjoy at home.

Watch Head Chef Lecturer Nick Evans below to see just how quick and easy they are too prepare and cook.

Follow our expert guidance

How to cook mussels

You’ll need

- 1kg mussels, uncooked

- Small glass of white wine

- Large saucepan with a lid

- Fine colander

- Glass jug/bowl

Follow this method to remove grit from mussels

1) Put a large saucepan on a high heat, no oil.

2) Add the mussels and wine to the pan, place the lid on top and allow to rapidly steam for around a minute, or until all the shells are open.

3) Once cooked, pour the mussels into a fine colander with a jug or bowl below to capture the mussel stock which is full of flavour.

4) Put the cooked mussels to one side and carefully pour all but the last few drops of the mussel stock into the saucepan. Pour slowly to avoid any grit sneaking into the pan.

5) Now you've got perfectly clean, cooked mussels and mussel stock you can use to recreate your favourite mussel dishes. Beyond a bowl of classic moules marinière, with rather like them baked with garlic butter and breadcrumbs or in a paella

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