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Handcrafted in collaboration with Tarquin's, Southwestern Distillery, this limited edition gin by Charlie Stein is distilled by hand in tiny batches using three unique copper pot stills called Tamara, Senara and Ferrara.

Charlie says: ‘I wanted to create a gin with Tarquin that used botanicals which could be collected around the Cornish coast. Each botanical adds a distinct flavour without overpowering the finished blend; wild chamomile gives floral, light citrus notes and a slight tropical pineapple aroma, where fennel gives that typical aniseed flavour. The finished gin has a very Cornish identity and I think it is delicious.’

Southwestern Distillery rigorously nose and taste every batch before hand-filling, sealing, labelling, signing and inspecting each bottle for you to enjoy.

70cl | 42% ABV


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