Quality Catch

Responsibly Sourced

Easy to Cook

Average cooking time: 10 - 15 mins.

Best to pan-fried the whole Dover Sole as there are no bones in the fillets and the skeleton stays intact during and after cooking.

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Rick Stein pre-mixed Espresso Martini. Simply shake over ice and serve with a few coffee beans. 

Charlie Stein says 

Great cocktails, without the fuss. Pre-mixed cocktails are like a good Deliveroo, it's been a long hard week and all you want is something delicious and strong, and into your glass with minimal effort.

The Espresso Martini combines my two passions in life, coffee, and alcohol. What's not to like.  

The ingredients

Premium Vodka | Kahlúa Coffee Liqueur | Cold Brew Coffee Concentrate | Spiced Chocolate Bitters | Demerara Syrup | Sea Salt

ABV: 20% vol

Available in 200ml or 500ml bottles - recommended serving = 100g.


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