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Side of Salmon

With its firm texture and exceptional flavour, top-quality farmed salmon that makes a wonderful, nutritious meal whether poached, grilled or roasted. Salmon is rich in Omega 3 fatty acids.

"I'm particularly fond of seasoning salmon and cooking them gently in butter in a frying pan. I add a half glass of white wine halfway through cooking and let the liquid reduce, then finish the dish off with some chopped parsley" – Rick


Please note, occasionally products may be unavailable or replaced from a different source due to bad weather conditions, seasonality and current circumstances.

We’re proud to sell the best quality catch and like all live fish markets, pricing can fluctuate day to day depending on what the local fishermen are landing.

We will donate £1 for every online fishmonger order over £50 to Dive Project Cornwall. We want to support their quest to protect the marine environment to save our oceans for future generations.  


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