Quality Catch

Responsibly Sourced

Easy to Cook

Average cooking time: 10 - 15 mins.

Best to pan-fried the whole Dover Sole as there are no bones in the fillets and the skeleton stays intact during and after cooking.

- +

Sea Bream - farmed 

Enough for two people (500g approx)

High quality - Packed with flavour - Hand prepared and ready to cook

Although similar in looks to Bass, Sea Bream is very distinctive, boasting a bolder flavour and a slightly meatier texture. 

Big flavour in one delicious package. Bream can be grilled, baked, steamed, poached or pan fried. We think it works best with light, subtle flavours, and with any Mediterranean-style dish.

"I like them steamed whole with garlic and ginger. Once the scales are removed the skin is soft and pleasing to eat, particularly when steamed" - Rick 


Please note, occasionally products may be unavailable or replaced from a different source due to bad weather conditions, seasonality and current circumstances

We will donate £1 for every online fishmonger order over £50 to Dive Project Cornwall. We want to support their quest to protect the marine environment to save our oceans for future generations.  

Where we source our fish

We are pleased to source our fish and seafood from people who share our love of quality and sustainable seafood.


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