Quality Catch

Responsibly Sourced

Easy to Cook

Average cooking time: 10 - 15 mins.

Best to pan-fried the whole Dover Sole as there are no bones in the fillets and the skeleton stays intact during and after cooking.

- +

This stunning blue & white fish ceramic range is produced by a small family business located in the Almeria region of southern Spain.  Over the generations they have developed a very specific and stylish way of making their table top ceramics. Firstly, the ceramics are handmade, the pieces are then dipped in a white clay paint and the artist then “draws” the design by carving into the white coating and into the brown clay, leaving an indented imprint of the design. Each piece is individually signed by the artist and hand-painted with rich and contrasting colours. They are then glazed and fired in the kiln. Many others have tried to copy this process and failed, which is why this range is so unique.

This superbly coastal ceramic range has sold well in Stein’s Gift Shop for many years and is a great addition to our online shop.

This platter is a simply stunning centre piece for any table. It’s perfect for serving a large dish of antipasti of cold meats, smoked salmon and breads. Alternatively, dress a large sharing salad on the platter for a show-stopping supper. Diameter of 42cm.

Dishwasher safe

Microwave safe

Ovenproof - however, when heating ceramics bowls up, you must always heat up slowly and cool down slowly to avoid thermal shock


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