Top 3 utensils for seafood cookery

Having the right tools for the job is key to helping build your seafood cookery skills. From filleting a whole fish to shucking oysters and picking crab to plating your finished dish, Head Chef Lecturer of our Cookery School, Nick Evans, has chosen his top 3 must-haves for successful seafood cookery.

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Nick's top 3 utensils for seafood cookery

1) Filleting knife. The most variable knife in the knife range - we recommend one with plenty of flex to help get the best yield from your fish. As with all knives, it's a very personal thing so you should pick up and feel a few before buying one.

2) Oyster knife. A must have to safely open oysters. It has a long, thin blade with a pointed end to help you easily shuck oysters at home.

3) Crab and lobster pick. Cheap to buy and essential to help you get all the meat from the claws and legs of shellfish like crab and lobster. These are some of the most expensive seafood on the fish counter, so you don't want to risk wasting any.

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