Jack Stein’s top tips on freezing fish


📦 There’s nothing wrong with freezing fish. It’s a great way to preserve the freshness, means you can order in bulk and plan well in advance of enjoying your delivery from Stein's Online Fishmongers.

📦 Choose what you want to freeze before you order.

📦 Freeze as soon as possible after your delivery arrives. This
is when the fish is at its freshest point –ensuring the best quality.

📦 Even well-frozen food will deteriorate over time while still remaining safe to eat, so don't leave it in the freezer indefinitely.

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🧊 In the vac pack – no freezer burn – don’t use cling film as
it can damage the fish if done incorrectly.

🧊 Zip lock bag is perfect as a re-useable alternative.

🧊 Do not put anything on top of the fish as this can damage
the flesh and reduce the quality once defrosted.


🐟 This is very important and if not don’t correctly can reduce
the quality of your fish.

🐟 Place the fish in cold water to let it defrost. Keep the
fish as close to natural temperature – this helps to keep the best texture.

🐟 Defrosting in the fridge overnight also an option.

🐟 Don’t be tempted to run under hot water – NO HEAT to speed
up the. 

🐟 Pat dry with kitchen towel or a cloth to remove the extra
moisture and leave for 10 minutes to rest at room temperature before cooking.

🐟 Once thawed, you can safely keep the fish in the fridge for up to 24 hours. Refreezing thawed foods is not advisable.

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