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Cod Fillets

The nation's favourite fish - Fresh from the North Atlantic - Carefully prepared and ready to cook.

North Atlantic cod has long been Britain's favourite fish.

Though the records of enormous cod weighing 50kg or more are now mere historical facts, you can still buy 5 - 6kg fish, which are fantastic eating.

'A fillet brushed with butter, sprinkled with sea salt and cracked black pepper and grilled is as good as cod gets.' Rick

Cod when it's just caught is quite tough, and while we love this chewiness, some prefer to leave it a day or two until the flesh goes through the same enzymatic change as meat and becomes more tender.

Whether deep fried in batter or baked, when it's cooked there's no mistaking cod's luxurious, velvety white flakes and rich sweet flavour.


How to Cook

Fantastic roasted and grilled. Also used skinned and flaked in chowders, fish pies and fish cakes.
Ideal fish for salting - either for just 20 minutes or overnight.  

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