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Whole Dover Sole

Whole trimmed - pan ready, one whole fish will work as a sharing starter for two or a generous main course for one.

Dover sole is a flat fish and we think one of the most amazing tasting fish in the sea. Beautiful sweet flavour and firm, white meaty texture. Falls easily off the bone. Always rather good.

"There are surely no better pan-sized fish than Dover soles when skinned and fried whole à la meunière (dusted with seasoned flour) and finished with a little beurre noisette and lemon" - Rick  

Living in the waters around Southern England, it can grow up to 3ft. The name Dover Sole is said to date from the 1800s when a regular and fast stagecoach service was set up to transport the fish to London from the ports around Dover where it was landed.

Our Dover Sole is landed in Cornwall. It is fresh and pan-ready skin on, which means we remove the head and trim the fish, ready for you to cook. 

Easy to cook - best fried, grilled or even on the BBQ.


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