I think Alsace is one of France's great wine powerhouses: a woefully misunderstood region, with bottles often mistaken for German and blanketly considered overly sweet. But if you find and drink the good stuff, from the right producer, these are great value, delicately nuanced wines that sing their hearts out alongside food. The Trimbachs are making wine that covers all of the above and then some. They have been making outstanding wines in Alsace region for nearly 400 years! Needless to say, they know their stuff. Incredibly, the current Trimbach producers are 12th generation, with the 13th generation soon coming into their own. This is their Riesling, which is bone dry, bursting with crisp green apple acidity – countered with deep layering and concentrated flavour. It makes for the perfect partner with local Alsace dish – and a dish that would likely be on my desert island menu – coq au Riesling. Which you can buy as one of our 'Stein's at home' kits. Charlie

Buy a case of 6 and get a 5% discount and a case of 12 with a 7.5% discount.

Vintage: 2018
Producer: Trimbach
Region: Alsace
Country: France
Grape: Riesling
ABV: 12.5%

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