Piedmont in Northern Italy is one of the atmospheric places to go in Autumn, there’s this low mist that forms in the valleys, and the vine-covered hills shoot up from the mist like islands. Down below the truffle dogs bark the hazelnut woods as they hone in on the local ‘white diamonds’.

It’s not just the food that makes Piedmont so special, the red wines are also incredible, Barbera is often a good entry point into this world and Claudio Viberti makes one of the best from his winery perched above the town of Barolo. It has plenty of natural acidity and this lovey round blueberry and sour cherry fruit. The Viberti’s have a little trattoria up the road where Claudio’s mamma hand makes the local tajarin pasta every day, and you sit outside a drink a bottle of this and eat a plate of tarajin and veal ragu.

Non-sale price per bottle: £16.95 | Available in a case of 1, 6 or 12. 

Vintage: 2018

Country: Italy
Grape: Barbera
ABV: 13.5%


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