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Rick Stein pre-mixed Cocktail Gift Set. A ready-made trio of fab cocktails to celebrate at home, complete with a shaker to really show-off your bartending skills. Each bottle will perfectly serve two happy drinkers. 

Charlie Stein says

Great cocktails, without the fuss. Pre-mixed cocktails are like a good Deliveroo, it's been a long hard week and all you want is something delicious and strong, and into your glass with minimal effort.

What's included?

Cocktail shaker - To help you get that perfect pour. 

Old Fashioned - 200ml

Premium Bourbon | Coconut Water Simple Syrup | Angostura Bitters | Orange Bitters | Sea Salt

ABV: 36% vol

Espresso Martini - 200ml

Premium Vodka | Kahlúa Coffee Liqueur | Cold Brew Coffee Concentrate | Spiced Chocolate Bitters | Demerara Syrup | Sea Salt

ABV: 20% vol

Margarita - 200ml

100% Agave Blanco Tequila | Cointreau | Organic Citrus Formula | Agave Syrup | Sea Salt

ABV: 28% vol


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