Jill Stein candle range

Choose two Cornish candles from our collection, hand poured by St. Eval Candle Company, just a few miles away from Padstow.  

If you're looking for scents to transport you back to the coast, try the Padstow Candle, designed by Jill Stein with scents of sea salt and samphire.  

For those that love to cook, our clifftop candle is a must, with refreshing notes of sea thrift and basil.

Also in the range, Sandbanks - scented with dune grass and wild gorse, Meadow - scented with chamomile and Cornish honey and Padstow Christmas - beautifully spiced with orange and cinnamon.

Two candles of your choice for £25.00: Padstow, Clifftop, Sandbanks or Meadow


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