​In the world of wine at the moment, Spain ​is making some of the most interesting and best value ​bottles in the world. Its wine-growing areas​ and yields are so varied it’s ​never been a better or easier time to venture off the beaten track away from the stalwarts of Cava and Rioja into a delicious ​sensual world of texture and freshness. This grenache blanc chardonnay from near Zaragoza is a total knockout: it’s super fresh, but it’s also spent some time in contact with older “dead” yeast cells after fermentation which gives the wine a rounded feel in the mouth. That texture combined with the welcome acidity makes it best friends with oily more flavoured fish, such as a fat tuna steak or salmon. 

Vintage: 2019
Producer: Sobre Lias Rosca
Region: Carinea
Country:  Spain
Grape: Grenache Blanco, Chardonnay
ABV: 13.0%

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