Rick Stein Chocolate Collection

The Rick Stein chocolate collection is handmade in Cornwall using the finest single origin cacao sourced from Ecuador (40% milk chocolate) and Mexico (60% dark chocolate), and comes in six flavours - listed below complete with tasting notes from Rick.

This collection includes 6 bar of Rick Stein chocolate, choose one of each flavour or pick your favourites.

Gin & Tonic
As clean and fresh as a G&T. Mexican dark cacao infused with juniper and Sicilian lemon oil

Caramel Sea Salt
Caramel and sea salt - can you ever have enough? Ecuadorian milk cacao infused with Cornish Sea Salt and caramel

Blood Orange
Creamy milk chocolate and orange, so smooth and exotic. Ecuadorian cacao infused with blood orange oil with crunchy Madagascan cacao nibs

Rose and chocolate is passion. Ecuadorian milk cacao infused with natural rose oil

Mexican Dark
Since filming in the mountains of Oaxaca I came to love Mexican chocolate. To me, in its darkness there is a hint of Tabasco

A noticeable red spark of heat! Mexican dark cacao with chipotle and pasilla chillies



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